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Showoff with Cards (DVD) DOZEN $95.00

You are about to experience the ultimate collection of show off moves with cards! Everything you need to become an extreme show off is on this DVD. Learn the best of the best, step by step, move by move...

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Here are the contents:

Level One Beginner
Thumb Fan:The basic fan for flourishers!
One Handed Fan:The cards snap into a fan while held at the fingers!
S-Fan:A flashy way to tell people you’re a “S”howoff!
Blank Fan:The faces of an entire deck disappear!
Birdy Fan:(from the genius of De’vo) A fan that seems to float above your hand!!
Knuckle Cut:Simple but very cool!
Charlier Cut:The classic one-handed cut!
Triple Charlier Cut: The Charlier for Showoffs!
False Charlier Cut:The Classic Charlier cut, but retains the order of the deck!
Butterfly Cut: A two-handed cut that flips and twists the deck then reassembles it in one hand!
False Swing Cut: A flashy cut that impossibly retains the order of the deck!
Swing Cut w/ Card Control:Control their card to the top of the deck with a quick flourish!
Tokyo Cut:Smooth and showy!

Level Two Intermediate
Tokyo Cut False:The Tokyo Cut, but retains the order of the deck!
One Handed Faro:A tabled riffle shuffle done in one hand!
Blind Swivel Cut:(Thanks to Gerry Griffin ) Packets swinging from hand to hand!
Blind Swivel Cut 2:(Thanks to Gerry Griffin )The Blind Swivel turned on its end!
Ribbon Spread:A beautiful display!
Twin Peaks: A ribbon spread for Showoffs!
Ultimate Illogical Cut:(We reconize the amazing mind of Gianni Mattiolo) The flourish to which all others pay homage!
Faces of Sybil:(With great respect to the genius of Chris Kenner) A multiple packet, 3-D cut, that will knock their socks off!
Tiki Cut:This is what happens when you combine swing cuts and a table!
Perfect False Shuffle:You’ll fool yourself with this amazing, but difficult, shuffle!
Tabled False Cut:Three distinct cuts, yet retains the order of the deck!
In The Hands False Cut:Showoffs don’t need tables to do false cuts!
Crack Shuffle: (From the brilliant mind of Gary Oullette) The “crackle” of the deck fools ‘em every time!

Level Three Expert
Pass Cut: Puts the classic pass to good use and retains the order of the deck!
Number Two Cut: A three packet, on the table false cut that flies past everyone!
Swing, Swivel, Dribble:A swing, a swivel, and a dribble yet retains the order of the deck!
One Hand Revolution:(Brian Tudor) Starts like a charlier, then takes off!
One Hand Revolution False:(Brian Tudor) Do the Revolution with out disturbing the order of the deck!
One Hand Revolution 3:(Brian Tudor) The packets flip right over the top of the deck!
Flip Back:(From the genius of De’vo) The deck goes where no deck has gone before!
Flip Back Vanish:(From the genius of De’vo) Do the Back Flip then vanish the deck!
Jammin Cut:Fast and smooth, yet retains the entire deck order!
Card Spring:The classic, a deck flies in a stream from one hand to the other!
Inverted Card Spring:Defy gravity!
Closing the Fan:The fan snaps open then shut again, all in one hand!
Octo Cut: 2 hands + 8 packets = a Showoff masterpiece!
The Bridge:(We reconize the flourish master; Caps Casino) A 5-packet cut in a horizontal line from hand to hand!

Level Four - Master
Dr. Hatchett Cut:(Inspired by the late Dr. Casavan) A knuckle cut, cutting packets to the middle of the deck!
What Happened To Sybil?:(Brian Tudor) Need we say more?!
Hollywood Cut:(Brian Tudor) The Speed Cut with multiple rotations.
Speed Cut:(Brian Tudor) Combine the swing cut with a one handed revolution!
Blind Rotational Sybil:(We reconize the flourish master; Caps Casino) a Sybil variation with a smooth closing sequence!
Bad Habit:(Brain Tudor) A 2 handed- swivel style cut!
Ninja Color Change:A wave of the hand and the card winks out of existence!
Emperor's Fan Color Change:Visually stunning!
Ninja Change Variation:A color change with no palming?!
Snap Color Change:A one-handed color change perfect for TV!
Chameleon Color Change:(With respect to Steve Beam) Street magic’s top color change!
Thirty Second Color Change:So smooth, it’ll fool everyone!
Two Card Color Change:A grab and a flick and what once was, is no more!

Level Five - Showoff
Two Card Change Variation:A color change in mid-air!
Double Lift Under Change:Rub a card against your sleeve and it changes!
Color Change Pass: A riffle of the deck and the top card visually changes!
Hip Shot: A super, and quick version of Daryl’s Hot Shot!
Tabled Slap Color Change:(Brian Tudor) Slap a card to the table and it changes!
Tunnel Change:A card morphs as it passes through the deck!
Sloppy Double Deal:Toss a card to the table and it changes!
Control This:You’ll fool yourself with this control!
Hong Kong Throw: Far East showoffs don’t just take cards out of the box!
Flipback Combo:(From the genius of De’vo) A devastating series of cuts and flipbacks!
Awesome Blossom:(Brian Tudor) A flashy 1 handed 4 Ace production
The Hex:(Thanks to the flourish master; Caps Casino) A 6-sided, 6-packet cut!
Royal Flush Cut: A flourishy cut to a Royal Flush from a shuffled deck!
Ring Finger Scaling:Scaling made easy!
1st Finger Scaling: The cards “POP” out of the deck!
More Scaling:Distance is name of the game!

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 07 June, 2005.

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