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ONE Levitation (watch video) $149.95




Peter Loughran and Ray Noble have created something very special. Peter Loughran brought you the ‘Elevator’ levitation, and Ray Noble brought you ‘On Thin Air’ and now together with a combined new concept they are proud to bring you ONE.


So why another street levitation you ask, with so many other ones out there and all of them claiming to be the ultimate one? Why another one? Well this one is different.


No false claims, no fancy video cuts, no trick photography or any other kind of hype. What you see is what you get. The video demo showcases the product’s real ability by showing the performances out in the open in complete shots with no staged cut-a-ways or fancy camera angles!


What makes this one so different?


Check this out, this is the most convincing and practical street levitation that we believe has ever been devised. With no funny moves, no bending down to set a gimmick, no mirrors, no hydraulics, no special pants, all you do is simply walk up to your spectators anywhere, any time, in broad day light, levitate, and walk away.


The remarkable part about this levitation that truly puts this in a class of its own is that the viewing angles with this product are incredible compared to other past self levitations. What if we told you, without using mirrors and without having to have your spectators stand at a very restricted viewing angle, that you instead just walk up levitate in full view, in broad day light, and the spectators whether they are 15 feet away or 150 feet away could watch you float up and see under your feet, and see through to the other side….wouldn’t that be cool and something we have all been searching for. Well now you can perform a levitation that does just that.


Is it the Ultimate Levitation? Who knows?

Is it one of the most practical and convincing self levitations available?  Well, since this has greatly improved upon most of the restrictions associated with other past levitations including our own, we think so but only you will decide if this is the ONE for you.






Does this require special lighting?

This effect can be done in any lighting, inside or out, any time and practically anywhere.


Do I have to gimmick my pants?

No this effect requires no gimmicked pants, and in fact you can even wear shorts if you want to.


How high do I appear to levitate off the ground?

You appear to levitate several inches off the ground.


Can this be done surrounded?

This effect has the best viewing angles that we have ever seen in a marketed street self levitation including underneath your feet through to the other side. However this is not real magic and you cannot perform this with anyone behind you, only in front of you and to the sides.


Can people see the bottom of my shoes?

Yes you can show the bottom of your feet before and after you levitate.


Is this easy to do?

Yes this in our opinion is the most user friendly self levitation ever designed.


Can I do this with a bad back or bad knees?

Yes in fact Peter Loughran himself suffered a torn and separated patella (knee cap) and has had back problems prior to the release of this effect, and has no issues or discomfort performing this effect at all. There is no bending down to set up anything, so there is virtually no strain on your knees or your back.


Can I use volunteers to assist with the levitation?

Yes you can invite a volunteer or two up while you hold onto their hands and levitate right in front of them.


If someone is walking by 20 feet away for instance, will they see anything under my feet as I levitate?

Obviously the further someone is standing away from you, the more they will be able to see under your feet, and this effect allows you to show no visible means of support under your feet and without the use of mirrors. This was one of the major restrictions associated with self levitations, and this effect has vastly improved the viewing angles to put the product in a class of its own.


Do I need a step or ledge to levitate?

No you don’t, and you can levitate practically anywhere any time, and on almost any surface, including gravel, pavement, carpet, laminate flooring, and many others surfaces.


Can I use any pair of shoes I want?

The system is adjustable to almost any kind of shoe or footwear of your choice, and they will still feel, look, and function completely normal in every way. 


How long does it take to set up before I perform the effect each time?

It takes about 30 seconds to set up the gimmick  on the day of your performance and is ready to go over and over again all day long with no additional set up.


Do I need a jacket to perform this effect?

No you do not need a jacket to perform this effect.


Is this durable and is there any kind of weight requirement?

Yes it is very durable, and can manage over 250 lbs.


Is it noisy?

This effect is super quiet in operation, and requires no background noise that used to be a prerequisite with other self levitations.


Does this use a complicated collapsible platform like used in Elevator 2?

No there is no collapsible platform that can bend or cause clunky noise.


Is there any initial set up or construction required?

There is about 15 minutes of prep time needed to customize the prop to you specifically, but requires no hardware tools, and is very easy to complete.


Can I do this on stage?

Most self levitations would never allow a stage performance without a black art mat or something similar due to the visible support under the performer’s feet, and with most audiences in the front rows positioned under or at the performer’s ground level.

The great thing about this levitation is it will allow people to view under your feet from as far away as stage settings put you in, so yes this effect can actually be performed on a stage.


What about balance, do I have to be a gymnast to perform this?

This effect requires very little balance or physical skill due to the way it is performed.


Is this portable?

Yes it is a small and compact levitation system.


Do I need to keep my feet together when I levitate?

No this effect allows for a much more realistic looking levitation, and allows you to levitate with your legs and feet apart, just as you would if you could really levitate.



Its easy, its affordable, its practical, and it looks real!


A self levitation a performer can actually use without fear!

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 22 January, 2009.

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