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Conjuring with Christopher by Milbourne Christopher

Conjuring with Christopher by Milbourne Christopher.

Contains sixty-one tricks with cards, coins, ropes, thimbles, cigarettes, cigarette lighters, table knife, silks, Mental Magic, Stage Magic etc. Most of the tricks are very easy to do and little practice is required. Several tricks are completely self-working and mechanical in nature.

The 62 feats presented in the book comprise eight close-up tricks; twelve with money, both banknotes and coins; ten with ropes; ten with cards; nine mental tests; and thirteen items that are listed as "stage magic." Finally, there are two pages dealing with the important subject of "routining," which as here used means selecting and arranging specific tricks in such a way as to build a satisfactory program. By way of practical illustration, Mr. Christopher gives five sample programs (of four, five, or six items each, chosen from his book), which he recommends as suitable for presentation under several types of circumstances.

Of the 62 tricks explained by the author (and, we may add, exceedingly well explained in the limited space at his disposal, which on the average is only one page for each trick), we may select a few for special mention:

A New Thimble Routine. The production of a single thimble, and its transformation into a spool of thread; several disappearances and reappearances of thimbles; a four thimble production, vanish, and reproduction; and the final vanish of the four thimbles.

Two-Bill Trick (reprinted from Hugard's Magic Monthly). A trick in which two one-dollar bills, after being used in several diverting "passes," eventually turn into a two dollar bill.

Cigarette to Rope. A cigarette which stretches until it finally becomes a three-foot length of rope.

Aces to Dollars (reprinted from Hugard's Magic Monthly). The four Aces are transformed into four one-dollar bills.

Best-Seller Book Test. Using a new, ingenious principle, the performer predicts in writing a passage which will be selected from a "best seller" by merely thrusting a knife blade in the book at any spot chosen by a spectator.

The Persistent Radio. The performer switches on a small radio, and then proceeds to take it apart bit by bit. It continues to play even after he has discarded everything but a small knob. When this knob is finally turned (and the radio thus "turned off"), there is a sharp click, the music stops, and the knob itself disappears!

Pop Goes the Rabbit! A "rabbit vanish" with a rabbit skin - probably as good as any fake - rabbit trick can be.

A Hair-Raising Illusion. A "change illusion" in which, in connection with some amusing antics about growing hair on bald heads, the performer and his assistant mysteriously change places. This feat will be welcomed by those who must have something "big and showy," but also relatively inexpensive and light in weight, and capable of being presented with help of only two assistants.

Conjuring with Christopher by Milbourne Christopher

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