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Outstanding Service

It’s rare in this day and age when you come across a company that goes the extra mile to make the customer happy. Madhatter magic shop accomplishes this and more. Don’t hesitate to place an order the product they sell is quality at a price that is hard to beat. Angie is a delight to talk to on the phone and if I were the boss she would get a raise for the outstanding job she does.

Bill Sailors
2017-12-01 17:36:13

5 stars

The metal folding magic table with the KS on the top is really great. I am most pleased with the table and the price. It definitely gets 5 out of 5 stars !!!!!!

Bill Ragsdale
Salisbury, NC USA
2017-09-29 16:25:59

WOW-You Guys are GREAT!

Bill, Angie & Staff - Ever since I found Madhatter, you folks have handled my stage magic needs in an exemplary manner. You have had what I want, and at a great price, with extremely prompt delivery. Keep up the good work!!

Scott Clark
Iowa, USA
2017-09-25 13:13:32

Customer Service

Madhatter Magic Shop is the best. They reply to my emails in record time. They are quick to answer any and all questions. They ship SUPER FAST! And finally, they have the best prices around. Highly recommended.

2017-05-11 09:52:09

Madhatter Saved Me a Ton Over Amazon

I use to shop at Amazon. Madhatter's prices are so much lower (about 40%), and Madhatter's service is better. No more Amazon for me!

Never Amazon Again!
2016-04-28 15:26:53

Madhatter Magic Shop

Madhatter Magic Shop is the best magic website on the internet. Madhatter will save you a lot of money. They have great specials. Some at wholesale prices and the selection is well taken care of. If you love magic. You'll love Madhatter Magic Shop. Look all over the web. I am sold. You won't find prices and service like no other. If you have a problem with a product or how it's instructed. They will make sure you (the customer) are taken care of. They have the best customer service you'll ever find. They always have great deals and your order comes fast. They are dedicated to make your order the utmost priority. Thank you Madhatter John Moyer Detroit, MI.

John Moyer
2016-03-13 10:41:27

Great Customer Service!

At a time where customer service seems to be a thing of the past. Bill and Angie proved me wrong. I will be shopping more and more at this site. Shopping, packaging, shipping, prices all surpass any other magic site. I love the quality of these color changing bottles also. Thank you for all your expert help. Rick

Rick Finbow
Colorado USA
2013-07-26 15:21:18

Best Prices Anywhere

I have found Bill's prices to be the absolute lowest on the same products offered by other dealers. It's not unusual to find other dealers charging twice as much for the same item. I do a lot of comparison shopping before ordering anything. Bill and Angie provide prompt customer service and quickly correct anything that's not 100%. There are other good dealers out there but Madhatter is where I go first and will continue to go first!

Larry Julian
2013-04-03 18:43:32

Great products, even better service!

Mad Hatter delivers once again! I was in need of a special deck. Mad Hatter was able to precision cut a customized short deck for me. I had the deck in my hands in just a few days! And the price was less than mass-manufactured decks to boot. You will be hard pressed to find a more honest, friendly, customer focused magic shop with prices as low as theirs! A proud Mad Hatter Magic Shop customer, --John Osterloh

John Osterloh
2012-09-27 16:09:26

floating table

J'ai recue ma floating table rapidement et la qualité de ce produit est extraordinaire et je ne parle pas du prix incroyable. Merci à la prochaine. Ray

Raymond Belanger
Quebec city Canada
2012-06-06 09:59:21


Wow ! Extra service good quality Merci pour ce service extraordinaire envers votre clientèle. Un client satisfait Ray

Raymond Belanger
2012-04-24 19:55:03


Thank you Bill, Angie and Staff for all the excellent Magic at unbelievable prices. I have saved hundreds of dollars by buying from your Business. The service is outstanding and very quick and you are so friendly and helpful. Thank you!!

Leon Ferguson Sr.
2012-04-15 07:48:00


I checked at least 15 websites for magic products and your's is the best price and the nicest people.

2012-03-22 20:55:36

Ma commande

Je suis extrèmement satsifait des produits et de la livraison de mëme que les prix demandés pour ces produits . Bravo continuer Raybel01

2012-03-16 15:50:42


I recieve my Black and white gloves to streamer, the magicians's wand and I'm waiting for bic Lighther to card fan Evaporing milk bottle and trio astor, the goodies don't arrived in the order but I wish the best for the delivery. Thank you for what i receive it's a very good quality.

Raymond Belanger
2012-03-16 14:06:30


This is absolutely the most amazing website ever! You can find any trick you are looking for and more than likely a few new ones you had no idea existed. Then on top of that you can buy all of those tricks for the price of ONE trick on ANY other website. But the part that tops everything is the customer service... PERFECT, you couldn't ask for a more pleasant staff, quick replys and extremely fast shipments. BEST PLACE EVER! not just for magic but to shop in general!!!!!

Anderson SC
2012-02-12 23:21:49

madhatter magic

Madhatter Magic has set the standard on how busness should be run and taken care of, I have spent over 1000$ on this site alone and from now on this will be the only site that will get my money why? because there on top of stuff there products are great and shipping is so fast and most of all there price, Why pay more for the same thing somewhere else? Madhatter should get a Magic Shop of the century Award for the best online magic site and the greatest customer service period.

Mark Bruno
2012-01-21 18:10:23

Best Online Store

Madhatter will always give you the best price and service. I have used them for years.

Jed Shelve
Los Angeles
2012-01-02 23:32:25

Best Prices

I use Madhatter exclusively. They have the best prices and service that I have found anywhere. John

John Bannon
2011-12-31 10:21:53

Fantastic Customer Service

Hi Angie, Thanks for your generous offer and I am pleased to accept the discount. Kudos to you for handling this matter through no fault of yours. I am very sceptical of buying online through overseas website as horror stories as been told. This is my first time as there is no clown shoes n accessiories supplier in my country therefore I took a risk to buy online. With nobody to refer to as to whether your company is indeed a reputable n reliable one, I just hope for the best. Well, certainly my experience in dealing with you is so rewarding n enriching. Your company n you has gained a good referral in me and your company reputation n integrity are also intact n good and they have to thank you for that. Well done for replying promptly, being patience, understanding and taking ownership. You may use this as a testimonial for yourself or for your company. Best wishes. Sidney

Sidney Ho
2011-12-31 00:06:22

Madhatter Rocks!

Madhatter has the best prices and service I have found anywhere.

Stacie Day
2011-12-23 12:27:45

Madhatter is the Best!

Nobody beats Madhatter's prices and service!

Johnny Baker
2011-12-16 14:14:35

Best Prices!

I asked a dealer that said they price match on their website. They would not match your prices. That says something!

Francois Lepelir
2011-12-16 09:51:29

Wow!!! It is here already!

I can't believe how quick you got this package to me! I just ordered it Monday and it is Wednesday and it is here! Thank you sooooo much! I was worried it wouldn't make it before Christmas! This will make one little girl very happy this year! Your price was even better than Amazon and plus it got shipped faster and I was able to call your store and check to see if you had it in stock and when it would ship...and you got it to me very very fast. Thank you Thank you!!! Merry Christmas!

Gayle F
Georgia, USA
2011-12-14 10:51:21

All Tymez Entertainment Love you guys

I love all of your products.

All Tymez Entertainment
New York, NY
2011-10-07 17:12:42


You guys beat my old dealer by at least 40%. Thanks for the fast shipping too. You have a new customer for life.

Satisfied Customer

2011-08-31 18:15:29


I'm working here in the 3 digits temperature each day and that dog gone umbrella hat is the best defense in keeping the sun off my head and allowing the breeze to many people are asking me where did i get it from because they want one too! Awesome just plain awesome!

tim jackson
Baghdad, Iraq
2011-06-06 00:39:13


Friends all purchases that I have done here has been wonderful great product, small price, great quality. I am very satisfied, sends bill quickly, solve problems best. A great magic site. Magician Hugo Moraes of Brazil

Magician Hugo Moraes
2011-05-31 20:01:07


Angela and Bill are the best! Customer service supreme with a side of lowest prices! I'll take THAT combo ANY day!!!

2011-03-28 18:19:57

SEO Company

you guys! And wonderful service & VERY fast delivery. It's a pleasure doing business with you all. Keep up the good work. There are a lot of wizards out there who appreciate your help!

158 Sunset, Los Angeles, California, 90045, USA
2011-03-07 07:38:34


This is by far the best magic shop around reguardless of what anyone says. I have purchases products from here time after time and the prices are great and orders are shipped and recieved in the blink of an eye. Staff is also very professional and extremely caring and nice. I am a Loyal Customer!!

Tim Grunzel
Erie, Pa
2011-01-18 15:42:56

Fantastic customer service

You will not find a more friendly, knowledgeable or competent magic dealer. Bill and Angie are both wonderful. Mad Hatter has great prices on their products. I had a problem with an item and Bill made it right! What great customer service.

John Osterloh
2011-01-08 14:25:17

best store ever

I have never been so amazed by the quality of the products at this store and I've been ordering all my magic tricks and supplies from this store for the past year and never will turn to another store for anything thank you guys for all you do to make ur customers happy I know im extremly happy from the stuff I've ordered keep it up

twisted jester
georgia, usa
2010-12-14 17:06:43

imagin ttttt ation

i have 5 optical illusion rings. these are great. if you are a true magician you can use your immagination and do the routine as you wish,but i add a twist in the end with a vanish and re appear on other hasnd and finger.(johnny ace palmer move) it blows everyone away.i wear this ring on a daily basis. with this and a couple of coins in my pockei,i am ready to go. give this a try. it is truly amazing. yoou have to put some thought into every effect. not just what directions tell you.

bud nagle
pennsylvania usa
2010-11-15 23:02:10

Lowest Prices!

Madhatter has the best prices anywhere. Compare the prices, these guys will save you a lot of money.

2010-11-14 08:55:26


Once again Madhatter as successfully produced the best quality of high standard magical service of merchandise that has proved itself once more. I believe in this proven professional service that I have received over the years. Keep up this fantastic service.

2010-11-14 05:23:35


I looked through all the sites i could find on google about magic supplies, and none of them except for one had anything i wanted. Finally i found this website, and man, there is no other site like this. I found everything i was looking for and more...At an AMAZING PRICE!!

Florida, USA
2010-09-17 01:48:23


madhatter ur d best... wow

manila, philippines
2010-09-12 23:44:59

Great service Again!

If you don't own this trick you better....

2010-09-07 12:09:08

Excellent deals!!

Absolutelly the best place for a balloon professional to order his supplies from!!

Savannah, GA
2010-08-28 18:21:23


I have stopped shopping at other webshops entirely. Even though I have my wares shipped all the way from America to Northern Europe I am still saving A LOT of money shopping at the Madhatter. And that's before I take the rebates into account! On top of that your costumer service is splendid.

Viktor L
2010-08-22 16:13:50

I Will Never Buy Anywhere Else

I tried shopping at other online magic stores after a few years of dealing with Mad Hatter Magic Shop. I regret it. I will never try to shop anywhere else. Nothing compares to your prices or most importantly your customer service. Please forgive me for going somewhere else.

2010-07-26 23:37:10

Great stuff

You guys are awsome. I found some Martin Nash dvds for a price unexpected. You answered my questions with kindness and speed. My package arrived quicker than any other shop. The dvds were as promised and made me save a bundle. You guys are kings among pesants.

2010-07-21 18:44:21

Best Online Store

Lowest prices anywhere. Thanks for the fast shipping.

Bob Saunders
2010-06-21 01:22:04

Low Prices, Best Service

You guys have the best prices by far of any online magic store. I'll be back often.

Paul Hamonds
2010-06-03 11:56:06

The BEST Service and Prices

I can't say enough about Bill and his crew. They are one of the most helpful bunch I have encountered in ordering magic. They answer every question I have on ANY product truthfully! The goods arrive within 2 days and if they don't, Bill shoots me an email telling me why (usually because the product is backordered). The prices are ALWAYS UNBEATABLE! I can't say enought about Madhatter! I will ALWAYS check here first. Thanks Guys! Bob

Pittsburgh, PA
2010-06-01 14:37:02

Best Online Store

I love Madhatter! This is the #1 magic store ANYWHERE.

2010-05-26 23:14:04

Great Service

Fast shipping and great prices! You guys are the best.

2010-05-26 11:38:21


Best online store. Madhatter rocks!

shawn thomas
ca. usa
2010-05-17 09:07:00

Great prices!

Great prices, you guys! And wonderful service & VERY fast delivery. It's a pleasure doing business with you all. Keep up the good work. There are a lot of wizards out there who appreciate your help!

Malcolm Glass
United States
2010-05-11 19:12:16

maic shop


todd bowers
nc us
2010-05-02 15:30:28

I love you guys! But love your prices.

I've been buying from you guys since I discover your web page and is like none stop is very addicting the prices and the services you provide I even directed a lot of my clown friends to buy from you guys...They too love you guys.. I hope you don't mind me adding you guys to my web pages and links.. Kandy Pandy from All Tymez Entertainment.

Kandy Pandy The Clown
New York, USA
2010-04-28 16:13:20

Customer Service

Customer service....Fantastic! And the speed of delivery? Well, that is a magic trick in itself! They must use lightning dust or something similiar. Thanks so much!

John Carlin
Texas, USA
2010-04-23 19:08:27

Best Prices

Wow! I can't believe these prices. I saved over 50% from what may former supplier would have charged me. Goodbye to him, hello Madhatter!

J. Mash
2010-04-12 03:28:39


I have NEVER found a better Magic Shop in this country. There are many very good shops but Bill is the absolute best one out there. His customer service is beyond top notch and has the greatest prices around. I'm so glad to have found him. Mike :)

Michael Storz
Orange, CT
2010-04-09 10:41:10


Amazing service and unbeatable prices and everything I'm looking for plus a few surprises have made me a lifelong customer. Thanks!

Victor Agreda Jr
2010-04-02 12:40:59


I Love buy anything in Madhatter because Service is good, and price is very corporate with us. Succes for you from me

Jakarta, Indonesia
2010-03-26 02:56:14

great service, awesome prices.

This website is the best! I hope no one else knows about it though, because i dont wanna anyone but me to know about this great placeXD. When i found this site i was overcome with joy. True Astonishments was only $220 on here! I had saved up for a while and had $300 which is what it normally costs, but since it was so cheap i could buy alot of more stuff! awesome. im deffinently buying everything here from now on.

August Wagner
Atlanta, Georgia
2010-03-18 21:56:38

Best Store!

Madhatter has everything, at the best prices! Thanks for the fast delivery. You guys are best.

2010-03-04 15:32:40

the best service

when i first saw this site i thought no one could afford to sell these items that cheap and i thought it was fake surely enough i was wrong and after a super fast delivery service i opened and used my items to full satisfaction. and i saved myself a whole wad of money by doing so

New Jersey
2009-11-08 21:33:39


We have always found BILL Fast and freindly. We AT TITAN MAGIC are proud to call MADHATTER MAGIC our FREINDS without them We would be lost at times!! check out our mascot its all Thanks TO this GREAT COMPANY.

2009-10-18 04:24:03


MAGICIANS, entertainers, all skill levels, LISTEN UP. Congratulations! You have found the best website for magic supplies. Look all you want, but you won't find better service or better prices. I've setteled on Madhatter for my magic supplier after considerable research. No better anywhere in the world. Bill and his staff won't mysteriously make your hard earned cash or time disappear! Thanks for the service and good prices! Jim K.

Jim K.
Kansas, USA
2009-10-05 12:30:28

excellent service

by far the best store i have come across, in terms of price and quick service. reply to queries were equally fast. keep it up madhatter. cheers

sandeep tulsyan
2009-08-23 05:03:17


These were awsome the Glitter effect. I tested these out for the fourth of the july and i am thinking about buying 12 more boxes.

Florida, united states
2009-06-06 20:20:01



2009-05-14 01:31:24

Gold Star Service

Great Prices and Great Services! I ordered late Sunday night and received my order on Tuesday at the best price around.

Georgia, USA
2009-04-04 20:37:14

Greatest Shop

Now we can easily buy and sell magic stuff from Magic Shop.

2009-03-25 05:19:24

Great Magic Shop

A great magic shop to buy from. All the lowest prices on any magic supplies you need. Ships really fast and even when on back order ships as soon as arrived at the shop. Overall if you dont shop here you are really missing out on a amazing magic shop. Thanks Madhatter Jason

North Carolina
2009-02-10 21:05:24

Absolutely Amazing!

I ran across this site accidentally, and I am just floored by the value and customer service. Your prices are so good that I have stopped ordering from anyone else. I do a lot of gospel magic and card work, and I am so impressed by your large selection and great values. Your specials can't be beaten, and the customer service is superb. Keep doing what you're doing!

Ryan Creech
Kentucky, USA
2009-01-31 21:22:12

I always turn to Bill and His Staff First

Bill and his staff are really great people to do business with!! They will do what ever it takes to make sure your satisfied!! His prices are more than fair compared to all of the competition!! He always takes his personal time to help a customer!! His staff is always on top of everything as well!! You cant ask for any better!! Rick Garren

Rick Garren
Houston, Texas
2009-01-30 08:43:17


The prices are right, and I couldn't ask for better service. I ordered a product that was on back order. The staff reassured me that it would be shipped out the moment they received it, and they did. The shipping time was outstanding (One Day!) I am so happy to see that customer service is a priority for Madhatter. They have gained my business! Thanks again! Best, Chris

Atlanta, GA USA
2008-12-21 10:56:30

Best service Period!

thanks again for help in opening my shop here in Indy Skott!

2008-12-17 11:31:49

I Come Here First

Madhatter Magic is my FIRST stop when I'm looking for magic! I know I'm not going to get a better price anywhere else; so it only makes sense to start (and end) here! But beyond that, the shipping is lightning fast and the customer service is so good that I feel like an old friend or a family member every time I call! Bill and Angie are First Class professionals and all-around really great folks. This site/shop and its staff have been a blessing to me! Thanks!!

Robert Benedict
Florida, USA
2008-11-17 11:04:58

The Best Angie

service is the best... thats why I shop here every week...

2008-11-13 10:57:46


This is the best dealer! I buy from Madhatter, they beat all others!

Richard Yu
CA,United States
2008-07-27 00:11:40


They really take care of their customers. They go over and beyond to satisfy us customers in a friendly and happy way!

Jokes on "U"
2008-07-15 11:33:07


Dear Bill you have rigth .like you tell me ,i use the magic blood with great great success . the shipping was in time and perfect .your prices .... incredible !!! . to the next order . thank one more time to you and all the Madhatter staf best regards . romain.

Romain Lapage
paris XVI france
2008-06-22 12:31:54

Best Service & Prices!

This is the best place for quality magic tricks, service, and warranties. No other on-line store provides this extraordinary care to customers! You can shop with confidence and product satisfaction!

Charles Del Campo
Miami, Florida,
2008-06-20 09:37:52


thank's for all you are great for the prices it's incredible i have not yet see this . A toute l'equipe de Madhatter merci pour votre prestation et votre professionalisme impecable .quant a vos prix ...... felicitations .vous avez fait un nouveau client fidele .encore merci a vous et que la force de la magie soit avec vous .

Metz France
2008-06-16 13:39:20

The best service!

The service at Madhatter Magic is top notch! I have been buying magic for years and I can honestly say that no other online magic shop provides the service at the level provided by the folks here at Madhatter. And to top it off, they have some of the best prices you can find anywhere! I hope the folks at Madhatter understand how much we appreciate them! Cheers!!

2008-05-02 15:54:05


I love Madhatter Magic Shop. They don't ever seem mad even when I call them and ask lots of questions. Its important to note: they make very little of my money disappear because of there great prices.

Mark E Pugliano
Florida, USA
2008-04-17 16:25:06

Incredible Shop

Living where I live,I can only purchase magic props and DVD-s over the Internet.When I found Madhatter,I couldn't believe it.The prices here are amazing and the staff is awesome...such kind people.No doubt about it,this is the only site from which I buy magic now.Thank you Madhatter.Keep up the great job.

2008-04-15 00:44:18

Prices.... WOW!

I was looking for more magic websites and when I found you guys, I stopped. I wasn't going to look anymore, because I knew no one could beat you guys on the prices. Haven't recieved my first order yet, but of course it's only been a day. Can't wait for the stuff you arrive. You guys are awesome!!!


2008-03-31 19:40:43


You have found the Number One Magic Store. They beat everyone's prices.

2008-03-08 21:22:19

Service, Prices, Honesty

To all of you reading this you found your self the Best Magic Site that provides not only magic but care and honesty with a price that will bring you back for more and not forgetting the respect that they include with their wonderful service. Bill, Angie, Jim and Naomi Thank you all for your time and dedication keep up the wonderful work. Hey Bill talk to you soon thanks again! Cheers

Danny A.
Canada, Ottawa
2008-03-08 17:05:23


This is best dealer. I buy from Madhatter, they beat all others.

2008-02-20 22:30:02


Great Service! Your prices are the best. Thanks for the savings.

Mack Brown
2008-02-19 14:23:18

Customer Service

Not only do you have the best prices, but the customer service is fantastic. Everyone is very nice and "bent over backwards" to help with my order. Then they followed up on everything once I received it to make sure that I was more than satisfied. You don't see customer service like this anymore... anywhere!

Chris B.
South Carolina
2008-01-15 21:25:49

Great Prices

Your prices are better than anywhere else by far. Love your service and selection too.

Dan Rakow
Suburban Chicago,IL USA
2008-01-02 22:30:31


i would just like to say wow,this site is great!!!if it just had some more adverts everywhere then it would rule the net,the prices are great,the whoelsae tricks are all individually packaged and are in mint condition,the prices are unbeatable,the staff are!!!!

2007-12-14 09:53:42

magic not in catalog

dear madatter staf . thank you for the supply of this mikame box (not in your catalog) .you need include this great box in your catalog .incredible the precision in fabrication and its almost impossible to find the gimik without the explanation supplied .now i understand while the magics from yonezo mikame have a mondial reputation . one more time thank to all the staff and continue this "like family service " . francois

2007-10-16 13:27:03

Best Prices, Best People, Best Everything!!!!!

Hi i love the service its great and love the prices and most of all luff ua all that work there you all great!!!

2007-10-03 15:08:05

Best Prices I Have Seen Anywhere

I found your site and could not believe your prices. They are the best I have found. I dropped my other magic dealer like a "hot potato". You have saved me a fortune, I love you guys!

Johnny L.
Missouri, USA
2007-09-27 01:00:24

specials order

To all Madhatter peoples: One more time you make my day . the invoice was in time and perfect .all the magics first quality . thanks to for the professional help and quick response to my questions . i never see prices so low at other shops in usa and europe ( instead "web -living -room shops" ). I invite the skeptic to verify . you never leave Madhatter after . one more time thanks and best regards<br> Francois

Francois M.
2007-09-26 13:30:19

Great Stuff!

Thanks for your help and answering my questions quickly. This trick is a big hit and I needed to replace an older version.

Linda D.
Ohio, USA
2007-09-25 15:06:06
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